Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much is shipping?

We try and price shipping to just cover our costs. Your shipping cost is based on the weight of the products and your geographic distance from Toronto. The price will be provided to you before you confirm your order.

Normally it will take us 24-48 hours to fill your order once payment is received and cleared, we'll send you an email to let you know it's shipped. Due to the various complexities of shipping (blame fuel prices and how really big Canada is) we are ball-parking most of the costs and you will not be charged the difference.

Is my order secure?

All purchases through our website are secured. At no time does any member of our organization have access to your credit card number.

Will you add my email address to your mailing list automatically just because I order something from you?

Absolutely not! Unless you check the add me to your mailing list checkbox on the order verification page, or send us an e-mail message asking us to do so, you won't receive unsolicited email!

What is your privacy policy?

The House of Spice does not sell, rent, or share any of your personal information to any third party. Your information is used for the singular purpose of completing your purchase or contacting you regarding your purchase.

How do you package your spices?

Our spices are sold in re-sealable foil bags unless otherwise noted. The foil bag has a ziplock for easy resealing.

How should I store my herbs and spices?

The life of your spices can best be preserved by storing them in ideal conditions. A cool, dry, dark place with limited exposure to sunlight, moisture, and heat is the best way to store herbs, spices and teas. A well sealed glass jar in your kitchen cabinet will work fine.

Temperature fluctuations can cause condensation, and eventually mold, so if you choose to store your herbs and spices in the freezer, return them promptly after use.

When will my spices expire?

As a general rule, herbs and ground spices will retain their best flavors for a year. Whole spices may last for 3 to 5 years. Proper storage should result in longer freshness times. When stored in optimum conditions your spices may remain usable for several years

Should I keep spices in the refrigerator?

Because the refrigerator is a somewhat humid environment, storing spices there is not recommended. The freezer is a better choice for storing large quantities of spices as long as they are kept in sealed containers.

What is the best way to store my spices?

You want to get them into some kind of air tight container. Glass jars are great for storage. The worst place to keep your spices is above the stove because the heat from the oven will destroy the essential oils in the spices.

How do I substitute a dried herb for a fresh herb?

Generally speaking, you use one third the amount of dried as you would fresh. If your recipe calls for one cup of fresh dill, use 1/3 cup of dried. Basil is one exception, however, where you use half as much dried as you would fresh.

If you have any further questions, please Contact Us.